In order to stream notifications from Loom Systems alerts directly to HipChat channel, simply follow these 3 steps:

  1. Navigate to: Settings->Settings->Integrations->

3.  Fill your HipChat Room ID + Room Token.
You are good to go.

 How to find a Hipchat room ID

  1. Log into Hipchat.
  2. Select the My account from the application menu.
  3. Choose the Rooms tab.
  4. Select the room you want.
  5. Look for the API ID field in the room information.

How to get a Hipchat Token

  1. Use a browser and login to your HipChat session.
  2. Go to Account Setting by clicking on your person icon in the upper, right corner.
  3. Select API Access.
  4. Generate a token (if you haven't done that before). It should be a 40 character token of letters and numbers.
  5. Copy and paste this to use as your token parameter.

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