In case you installed Openstack on multiple nodes you probably spent much time on setting up the network configuration and still may end up with dead end.

In this short post I will review how easy it would be if you have been using Loom Cloud Intelligence to solve one of the most common issues with internal networking.

Once you deployed OpenStack the first thing you would try to do is to browse to the OpenStack web interface, sadly you received the following error:

Failed to connect to server (code: 1006)

Now using loom cloud intelligence instead of googling and wondering what went wrong and misconfigured you will be notified with the following super simple alert with a simple recommendation.


The VNC server was not able to connect to the compute node (aka controller), and in more technical description the nova-novncproxy service failed to connect ended with Errno 111.

error: [Errno 111] Connection refused


In order to solve this issue you need to have the proper vncserver_proxyclient_address IP address in the nova.conf file.

Example of Openstack setup consist of 2 nodes, controller and compute:

(1) controller -


  • nova-consoleauth
  • nova-novncproxy





(2) compute -


  • nova-compute






Once you set the proper  vncserver_proxyclient_address  configuration you need to restart all the process.


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