You loved the Elastic Stack, invested precious hours configuring servers, grokked countless log lines, and now you want to take your log analysis to next level with machine learning. The obvious choice is to extend it with an X-pack paid subscription, or is it?

Once configured properly, ELK’s X-Pack Machine Learning provides great visibility into your application and infrastructure. It allows you to automatically detect anomalies with metrics of interest. However, this will only be possible after you have configured each and every metric manually.

Introducing: Loom Systems’ Sophie an AI-Driven Platform

Loom Systems’ Sophie predicts and prevents IT issues while empowering IT professionals to be more proactive and create a bigger impact on their organizations. 

Once your data starts flowing, Sophie automatically analyzes all logs, auto-identifies metrics and elements that are of interest, and alerts on looming incidents before they unfold without any prior directive.

Sophie a next-generation AI-powered platform

Monitor Known Issues vs. Discover Unknowns

If investing countless hours wasn’t enough, manually configuring X-Pack alerts is only good for monitoring what you already know is going to go wrong.

Sophie, on the other hand, applies statistical methods to analyze ALL of your data and finds meaningful anomalies without any need for the user to tell it what to look for. This means that you are discovering NEW issues that you may not have known about and taking care of them before they become critical.

Anomaly Detection Types  As it happens, thresholds being crossed are not the only anomalies that users are looking for. We have found that the appearance of a new signal in the data, or an anomalous sequence of otherwise normal events, are some of the best hints for a phenomenon that deserves attention. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is invisible for anomaly detection tools, whether applying machine learning or not. 

Sophie does not rely solely on the statistical approach for anomaly detection but rather applies real intelligence to detect what is interesting for the user. Sophie is the only solution that automatically analyzes and clusters raw textual logs and generates patterns through artificial intelligence. This enables the user to unleash the knowledge hidden within each raw log message.

Local Root Cause Analysis vs. Cross-Application Correlations

Both the X-Pack and Sophie will generate an alert for you, and both will try to help you clarify the root cause of each specific anomaly.

 Sophie takes a further step, connecting events from different applications and services throughout your stack, allowing you to better differentiate between the symptoms and the root cause. In other words, Sophie will correlate events based on entities across the entire stack. 

Resolution Made Easy with Sophie

Sophie offers three complementing approaches for a quicker resolution of incidents:

Sophie’s Tribal Knowledge – “TriKB” An incident keeps coming up? No need to “reinvent the wheel” time and time again. TriKB will save your recommended resolution and help spread the knowledge throughout your organization. If the same problem comes up again, a clear explanation and steps to take for resolution will be available to anyone who uses Sophie.  

Intelligence packs Looking to solve a specific pain? Enhance Sophie with one of its existing add-on intelligence packs, enriching your incidents with corrective insights and recommended resolutions, written in plain English to solve your exact pain.  

Auto-Remediation Want to save even more time? Once Sophie alerts on an incident, users can add their own solution as a script, enabling auto-remediation for future occurrences.


A next-generation AI driven solution is required in order to increase IT Operations teams’ productivity by closely monitoring every log line in the organization, enabling the detection of unknown issues detection and fast remediation. Loom Systems supports modern organizations to replace a broad range of IT operations processes and tasks, by connecting the dots between IT and Business. 

To date, Loom Systems’ customers using Sophie report they are 4X more Proactive and observed a 45% MTTR improvement in their daily IT Operations. 

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