Loom's pricing is "volume-agnostic", which means you can ship to Loom as many logs as needed, as part of your license tier. 

Loom offers different pricing tiers, based on the number of Monitored Instances, ranging from 1000 to "Unlimited" Monitored Instances. 

A Monitored Instance is a Physical or Virtual Network Element, Server or Machine that sends data to Sophie. 

Special Cases:

  • Intermediate Data Aggregators (e.g. Log Management, Database or Relay): The original number of entities that generate the data would be counted as Monitored Instances, not the Data Aggregator itself. 
  • Container environment: Every 3 containers are counted as 1 Monitored Instance. The average number of concurrent containers is calculated daily. 
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC), Mainframe: Each CPU core should be counted as 1 Monitored Instance
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