At Loom, we make every effort not to ask our users to install yet-another-agent on their servers. Most popular Linux distros already ship with the excellent Rsyslog daemon.
While configuring Rsyslog is as hard as the crust of Italian bread, it is superb when it comes to footprint.

Loom includes a wizard that will generate the configuration for you. To start the wizard, open Loom, and go to the data-sources screen by clicking the wrench icon in the left navigation-bar: 

Next, click the button that says "Plug a new data source". In the modal that opens select "Linux Server":

Choose your Linux distribution flavor (unsure? try this). The wizard includes 4 steps:

  • (optional) Upgrading the existing Rsyslog package
  • (optional if Loom is installed on-premises) Download the Loom CA-bundle certificate
  • Choose what you want to stream and download the generated configuration
  • ¬†Restart Rsyslog

That's it! a new data-source should appear, and applications should start adding.

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