This wizard is intended to help you setup streaming logs from your Azure App Services using Azure Function App.

Step 1: Create an Azure Function App to host your function

Click this link to create a new Function App in azure:
Give your App a name, choose a subscription, Resource Group.
Choose "Consumption Plan" as a Hosting Plan.
Choose a location and a storage account for the function. you can choose the default given one or choose an existing storage account.
Click "Create".

Step 2: Create a function to send logs to loom

Find and click on your new function. You can click on the following link to get to all Functions.
Alternatively,  use the search bar on the upper right corner of the Azure portal.

On the lower left hand side, click "Function App Settings".

Under "Deploy",  click "Go to Kudu", and a new browser tab will open.

In Kudu, inside the folder viewer, click on the "site" folder and then click on "wwwroot"

download the provided zip file.

drag the downloaded zip to the folder viewer and wait for the upload to finish.

Once uploaded, go back to the Function app and we see a new function.
click "Refresh" in the lower left hand side and wait until you see a new function on your upper right side of the screen, and click it.

Step 3: Configure your Azure Function App

in the new drop down menu that opeoend, click "Integrate"

under "Storage account connection", click "new", and choose the storage account where you store your App Service logs.
under "Path", type in the container name inside the Storage Account and append the following /{app_service}/{year}/{month}/{day}/{hour}/{name}
For exmplae, if your container name is my_container, then path should looke like:

Step 4: Validate the streaming process

Go to your storage account where your logs are stored.  
copy and save for later the service name we will be monitoring - each service is represented by a different folder. This is the only configuration you would need to provide to Loom.

find a specific log file and copy the full path to that log file.
the path should look like:

Go back to your Function App, click on your function and in the new drop down menu that opened-  Click "Develop".

Click "Test", on the upper left hand side of the screen, and paste the path to a specific log file we just copied.

Click "Run", and watch the logs of the function. 

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