Loom is giving the user is the ability to drill down inside the logs and analyze the root cause of the anomalies. You can use the Analytics screen to search, view, and interact with your data. You can easily perform advanced data analysis and visualize your logs data. Loom makes it easy to work with big data. The simple web interface enables you to quickly query your data in real time.

In Analytics screen, you can easily see the peaks in the histogram. You can change the time filter, interact with the histogram to drill down into the data, and view the details of particular log message.

Go to Analytics Screen

In order to access the Analytics screen, you should click on the ‘bar chart’ icon on the left sidebar.

Figure 1-1. Analytics Screen – Go to Analytics

You can shift directly to every alert’s specific time span in the Analytics screen by clicking on ‘search logs’ button in the alert “message” panel.

Figure 1-2. Analytics Screen – Go to Analytics

Once you move to the Analytics screen you will see a visualization of the logs and will be able to drill down the logs, search over them and set different time frames.

Drill down Logs

You can expand every single log message by left clicking on it to see further details.

Figure 1-3. Analytics Screen – Go to Analytics

Once you've clicked on a specific message, further log attributes will be revealed.

Figure 2-1. Analytics Screen

Figure 2-2. Analytics Screen - Expanded Log Message \ Key Value

To see more properties in the log messages view, you can click here:

Figure 2-3. Analytics Screen – view more properties in Log Messages preview

 Drill down logs 

Above the graph visualization, there is a search bar. You can query the logs database using the following syntax:

  • Search everything by using *
  • Match an exact phrase by using apostrophesFor example: “status”
  • Search a value in a specific field, prefix the value with the name of the field by using colonFor example: status:200
  • Search a range of values by using bracketed range.For example: status:[400 TO 499]
  • Express complex searches using AND and OR (these words must be capitalized)

Advanced search example: ("played upon" OR "every man") AND status:200

Using the magnifying glass:

  • To filter messages with a specific field, you can press on the magnifying glass “+” / “-“


Filter Dates

You can change the time frame of the analysis by clicking on the timestamp near the search bar.
 A window with time settings options will appear.

There are two useful time frame filters:

  • Quick Time Frame Filter

A set of predefined time frames filters you can quickly set.

Figure 2-4. Analytics Screen - Quick Filter Dates

  • Absolute Time Frame Filter

A template supported by a calendar interface to set up a specific time frame. Once you set a time frame, left click on the "Go" button.

Figure 2-5. Analytics Screen - Absolute Filter Dates 

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