APM (Application Performance Management) tools are primarily intended for developers to help with the instrumentation of in-house developed applications. APMs rely on agents which are installed on the servers and SDKs which are added to the source code of the application. The agent/SDK then collects whatever it considers valuable.

Notable players in the APM scene are NewRelic, AppDynamics, DynaTrace and OverOps.

While these tools are the best you can get for instrumenting an application under your full control, this approach has two key drawbacks:

  1. It cannot be applied to components whose code you can't control
  2. Covering only the core application, it leaves many blindspots in any non-trivial architecture - making true root-cause analysis impossible

Loom's solution can ingest any log or metric data, which enables full-coverage of your environment - from the application, to network, storage and even mainframe. This full coverage makes it real powerful in detecting abnormalities outside the scope of the application, and in determining the root-cause of issues.

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