Although often confused, Loom's solution is not a log management tool, but rather an "analyst"-like a bot, constantly analyzing the logs, producing valuable insights.

Log management tools are reactive tools, most commonly used when one needs to investigate and get to the root-cause of the problem. They are complex to operate - and you need to know what to look for.

Loom's solution bridges between the detection and analysis worlds; it -

  • performs real-time abnormality detection straight over the rich logs, instead of over shallow metrics
  • utilizes machine-learning and artificial-intelligence to automatically discover the root-cause of such detections

Using Loom's solution, you still get the option to manually sift through the logs - although the system will do everything it can to save you the need to do so.

As opposed to traditional log management solutions, Loom's solution:

  • is proactive, discovering the abnormalities as-they-occur
  • saves you time, automating the root-cause analysis, often accompanying it with insights and a recommended course of action

A final key feature unique to Loom's solution is the automatic structuring of machine data - it includes a set of patent-pending algorithms that automatically derive the common structures in your logs, extracting entities and more - again saving you time.

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