In order for us to focus on the best ROI for you, we'll ask you to gather the right people and documentation before we install Sophie for you. Here's what you'll need to share with us to get started:

What we need

  • ITSM Tickets: 1-3 months of your service tickets exported to xlsx or csv format  
  • High-level architecture diagrams if available depicting at the highest level which apps and systems you have (nothing sensitive needed here).
  • A starting list of log sources you intend to monitor - just your best guess, a quick list of a few bullet points is enough.

Why we need it

  1. ITSM Tickets:  By analyzing a sample of your tickets, we can help identify the use cases that will yield the best ROI. Beyond knowing which specific logs to monitor, your tickets help us understand your environment, including:
  • Which ticketing system are you using?
  • What is the timezone(s) are represented?
  • What distinguishes true incidents from service requests or false alarms?
  • What is the nature of any recurring incidents your tickets represent?
  • Which systems present the most tickets, and the highest priority?
  • Are references to logs present in ticket resolution notes?
  • What categories and groupings are mentioned? 

2. High-level architecture helps us understand what the logs you'll be streaming mean to your business, for example; do you have multiple websites for different product lines, and though the logs are all the same, they need to be tracked individually by the machine learning? 

3. A starting list of log sources your perspective and expectations at the beginning are important, and you may have an approach you want to commit to, so we want to give you a chance very early on to tell us how you see it working, what you hope to get out of Loom, and then we will bring all of this together to help you achieve those goals in a consistent, systematic, and transparent process we call the AIOps Playbook.

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