Briefly, the raise magnitude has to do with the amplitude of the raised alert, and is different for different situations.

The factor is dependent on the current deviation, so it's not a multiplication of a static threshold, but rather the magnitude of the deviation from the baseline. This allows for natural changes in the behavior without creating extra noise. Each time you raise, you're increasing the allowed deviation by about 1.5x.

If you re-raise a lower-spike, it will do no harm, as the tuning was already for a higher number. So you can click Raise a bunch of times for a pattern without inadvertently raising it out of reach.

If you raise a higher spike, Sophie's will adjust. As you provide feedback, Raise the higher values, remove the lower magnitude alerts that may have occurred, and simply watch for the next one to come in. If needed, click Raise again, and it will only take a few times before you have the alert dialed in to where you want it. 

This means fewer of this kind of alert, obviously. But it also means that other, potentially more interesting alerts can be surfaced. So go ahead and Raise your game with Sophie! Raise increases the required change volume, regardless of direction. Finally, Raise increases the required change volume regardless of direction, so it works for downward trending alerts as well!

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