In this guide we will point Sophie to a data source in your Log Analytics account and stream logs from it.

Verifying Log Analytics is accessible to Sophie

For Sophie to be able to access Log Analytics you should first setup an Access Log Application in Azure.

Please follow the following article to configure the Access Log Application -

It is very important that each step (unless indicated as optional) is followed in the above article, to ensure that Sophie has access. Please make sure all permissions and Role assignments are correctly setup before moving forward. 

Pointing Sophie to Log Analytics

  • In your Sophie Instance go to Settings -> Add & Manage Data -> Plug a new data input
  • On the Connect a new data input screen, click Log Analytics. The Add a new Log Analytics data input screen opens.
  •   On the Add a new Log Analytics data input screen, add the required information.
  • Under Data Source Name state the name of the data source in your Log Analytics account that you want Sophie to access.
  • Make sure your Redirect URI is identical to the one created in your App Registration process. Otherwise access will not be granted.
  • Click Test & Save.

That's it! If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know :)

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