AWS Fargate is a popular Container management service. To ship logs from your Fargate containers to Sophie, choose one of the following approaches.

Using AWS CloudWatch

Similar to other AWS services, it can be easily configured to move logs to CloudWatch.
To do this, configure your containers to use the awslogs  driver, as described in this article.

Note that using CloudWatch adds substantial delay until the events show up in Sophie

Once the logs are in CloudWatch, follow this article to connect Sophie.

Using the GELF log-driver

Instructions on configuring the GELF driver can be found here.

Note that encryption isn't supported, so in order to encrypt your logs a relay server must also be configured.

Configure your driver to use the following gelf-address :

"gelf-address": "tcp://<domain>"

Replace <domain>  with the domain name you use when accessing the web-app.

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