As a first step, create a new application on Okta. Go to Applications and click "Add Application":

Choose Web and click Next:

At this point, log in to Loom with an administrator account.
Go to Settings, then choose Manage Users:

In the inner menu, choose Identity Providers, then in the drop-down select OpenID Connect v1:

Fill out the Alias and Display Name fields:

Copy the Redirect URI seen at the displayed form and paste it back in Okta under Login redirect URIs:

Fill out the Name field (choose any name) and under the Base URIs specify your Loom domain name, e.g.
Click Done.
Scroll down to the bottom, then copy the Client ID  and Client Secret  and paste them back in Loom:

Next, scroll down and locate the Import External IDP Config section.
Enter your Okta Metadata URI, e.g.:

You can locate your Metadata URI by going to API and choosing the desired Authorization server:

Click Import - this should populate most of the fields in the form.
Optionally, manually enter the User Info URL (same as  Authorization URL, but replace /authorize  with /userinfo ).
Toggle Trust Email (should be active).

Click Save, then logout. You should see a new login option:

That's it! You should now be able to sign in using your Okta Identity Provider.

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