Keywords are a great way to add another level of monitoring to your logs.
Sophie recognizes patterns of occurrence as well as frequency of keywords in the logs. If the frequency of a keyword suddenly rises, Sophie generates an alert. 

Loom comes pre-packed with relevant keywords. But, adding additional relevant keywords for your particular applications or logs can be highly beneficial. 

You can add keywords globally for all the sources streamed to Loom, or add keywords that will be relevant only for a specific source. 

In order to add keywords that are relevant for all the sources you’re streaming:

  1. Under the Settings Icon go to Anomaly Detection >> Lexical Keywords

    2. Search the keywords to make sure your word/phrase is not already added.
    3. If not, Click the green “+New” option. 

4. The "Name" should include the keyword description. Under "Regular Expression" please add a regular expression for cases such as “Fail” /“Failed” or “Warn” / “Warning”.

5. Please keep in mind that by default Loom will NOT be case sensitive (i.e. error and ERROR will be regard as the same) and will apply a fuzzy matching mechanism (e.g. if a keyword is found within a word, like in “Nullpointerexception” Loom will recognize the keyword “exception”).
If you do wish to force case sensitivity tick the "Case Sensitive" option.
If you do wish to force exact match tick the "Exact Match" option. 


In order to add keywords for a specific source type:
Under the Settings Icon go to "Add And Manage Data" >> “Source Types”:

  • Select the relevant source type by clicking the three parallel lines on the right of the source type, and then select “Keywords”
  • Follow the same steps as described above. 

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